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Proactively envisioned IT based expertise and cross-media.

We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas of Information Technology

A robust, well-maintained IT infrastructure enhances business performance of every enterprise. We have the expertise to align your IT infrastructure with your organizational goals and manage it optimally to deliver to your expectations.

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IT Infrastructure Management Services:

Server Setup and Support

One of the most significant offering we provide under IT Infrastructure Services is Server Setup and Support.

Our professionals are experts in setting up new servers and adding a whole lot more roles and services on existing servers. As part of a support plan, our Server Management team manages all of your servers, not just the ones we installed.?

Our highly efficient team can work with you through the whole server life cycle, i.e. from initial server setup by employing security hardening to scheduled maintenance and optimization.

Each of the servers we install is going to have a firewall put together with basic settings setup to enable you to start working with some reasonable security. Why not opt for CITS's complete Server Management Services when we are done setting up your server?

Server Management Services

CITS’s Server Management Service is a step above existing server management methods and our team is capable of proactively detecting issues to reduce service interruption. Starting with server provisioning to making the server functional for end user, we offers custom-made options such as-

24X7 Dedicated Monitoring

Our dedicated team ensures that the business uptime is upheld across all business ecosystems. Service consists of level 1, level 2 and Level 3 support depending on escalation and seriousness of event.

Performance Monitoring

Cost, utilization and returns are rationalized according to the business goals and requirements. Organisations can profit through reduced cost spending on infrastructure.?

Backup Management

CITS’s Server Management Service team is particular about periodic backups of business-critical information and also strives upon improving the effectiveness of storage systems and end-user efficiency.

Disaster Recovery

Our solid disaster recovery system means one thing for you and that is- Business continuity. We guarantees dependable and failover environments that are maintained 24X7.


Bugs in software, data breaches etc can cause huge scale issues. Likelihood of DDoS attacks or a hack can be decreased but not eliminated completely. Our administrators constantly look out for all options to decrease the possibility of a security breech.The Server Management Services delivered by our company ensures your server remains available to your customers at all time. Some of the plans we have in place are-

Application Server Management

Application Server Management is tailor-made for those customers who possess custom control panel built or servers without control panel. Be it Windows/Linux hosting, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD or Application Server. Our experts are ready to handle your servers 24×7 at reasonable prices!

Managed IT Services:

Onsite IT Support Services (AMC / On call Support)

Hardware Installation , Upgradation & Maintenance

Network Design and Installation Support

Remote System Support

Mail Client Support

Vendor Management

IT Service Desk

End-user Services